Today is the birthday of my inspirational senpai. I’ve been following her since she had around 500-700 followers (I don’t remember when exactly though). I’ve been always facing difficulties with my gender and who I want to be. I’ve looked her up and as days went by, I have visited her tumblr page and read her backstory. It never occurred to me that some kind of stranger to me would make such a change to me. She made me realize on who I am (/seriously though/) and she isn’t the type of person that everyone thinks she is. She’s sweet, shy, and still is a normal person. She is definitely an amazing cosplayer with amazing skills that grow daily. But she always was one of us, right? So don’t be hesitant about talking to her, ever! Moving on, I love her, I really really do, and I would be so happy to see her face to face smiling. (I’m shaking while writing this down and almost in tears…) I really hope someday she’ll be just like Reika or Kaname, and maybe have a great career other than that! Senpai, I love you so much and hope you’ll have an amazing day! Sweet 17th birthday, Andre-senpai, and may you live more years full of accomplishments and happy moments. <33333

I hope you like my gifts! The bunbun came across my mind after watching her really adorable video she made! And I love how it turned out and hope she will as well! :3

So this is my first OC and first trial of doing a reference sheet! His face is still not up because I didn’t have time drawing him digitally!

I haven’t decided on a name, so suggestions are welcome <3 

Collection of keychains I made for myself and friends of mine! 

Mahiro was my first try, then comes Kyousuke, Yuuichi, Fudou, and last one until now is Ayato. (Kidou’s eyes were made because they looked cool in my opinion!

Anyway, I hope you like it. Have a good day.


Okay after a /LONG/ time of thinking, I decided to put this up here. 

I made this today as a challenge (and a gift to my babe AddictedPenguin).

So if you want to use this please ask first or at least credit me!! 

I hope my attempt is satisfying enough for all those Kidou fangirls and fanboys! 

This is partially my artwork. As you can see, I only drew the eyes and half of the eyebrows and fixed the shadowing. 

I hope you all like it! :3 <3




probably the only good spongebob edit on youtube

Title: 流星ボーイ

Artist: 木野秋(CV:折笠富美子)&音無春奈(CV:佐々木日菜子)&雷門夏未(CV:小林沙苗)

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Character development makes me happy. Seeing characters grow and change and become something other than what they used to be - it makes me feel like it’s a privilege to follow them, when it’s done right.

Gon a Killua present a very interesting case of character development: they’ve spent so long in each other’s company that they start imitating each other’s thinking processes. At the beginning of HxH, Killua tends to get past roadblocks by using force, and Gon by getting around them altogether. 

But as they spend more and more time with each other, you can see Gon starting to prefer physical strength over changing the circumstances, and Killua is now starting to playing games by his making up his own rules. It’s as if they’d seen how the other operates and found it admirable enough to start using the same tactics. The change starts out as gradual, but around the Greed Island arc it gets more and more obvious.

It’s especially interesting considering their nen types. Gon is a reinforcer, so we expect him to use physical skills rather than psychology, and since Killua is a transmuter we expect him to change something’s circumstances rather than use brute force. But Gon starts out as someone who’s better at playing (mostly harmless) mindgames, and Killua starts out as someone who’s better at using physical force. That’s the exact opposite of what their nen type represents!

Which leads me to the thought that people’s nen manifests based on what they aspire to be rather than what they are (as hypothethised in HxH). Gon admires Killua’s Killua’s strength, Killua admire’s Gon’s perceptiveness, and slowly the both of them incorporate each other into their fighting styles.

They’re still complementing each other, but instead of Gon being responsible of Thinking and Killua on Acting, they’re now capable of doing both separately - and they’re both aware of that ability in the other, and respect it and what it means to their dynamic.



don’t say nice things to me or i get flustered and start crying





do you think anime parents have a baby 

and when they see she has pink hair and blue eyes they just think

oh no

she’s a main character.”

this post changed my fucking llife






oh my god this is incredible